Date Night is an Eddsworld short released through the Eddsworld: Legacy fundraiser.


Matt is on a dinner date and seems to be going well until his date asks him, "your place or mine". At that moment, Matt remembers an incident when his irradiated socks eat Tom's feet and visibly freaks out. Before Matt says anything, his date has already left.


Matt: And that's when he said to me "Of course I'm gonna have to put that horse down!"

Both: (laughs)

Red: You're funny.

Matt: I know!

Red: So, your place, or mine?

Matt:: Heh heh... My place?

(Flashback time)

Matt: (hears door knocking) Come in!

Tom: (walks in) Hey, Matt. Oh wow, you really need to clean your room.

Matt: (whiny voice) I'll do it later!

Tom: Seriously, I think these socks are actually alive now.

Matt: No! Don't touch those!

Tom: Ahh! They've got me! They're eating me!

Matt: Tom, no!

Tom: Why would you keep your socks in radioactive waste?!

Matt: It was an easy mistake to make!

Tom: These are the... angriest socks... EVER!

Matt: Just don't let them on your feet.

Tom: AAH! They're eating my feet!!! If only you cleaned your room....


(Back to reality)

Matt: So, my pla- (notices Red left) Awww....



  • This is the first Eddsworld animation animated entirely by Paul ter Voorde.
  • This episode marks a rare occasion in the Eddsworld series where Edd is neither seen nor heard. Tom does not appear in this episode, but his voice can be heard in Matt's flashback.
  • At the start of the episode, Balloon Head Fred, his wife and their balloon giraffe son can be seen sitting at a table, along with Johnny, a character from Bumming Crew (made up of some of Paul's friends). Seen admiring him is Pearl of Bumming Crew fame as well.[1]
  • When Matt is having his flashbacks, his room is hinted to be incredibly messy. This was visually shown in Hammer & Fail, so chances are that Date Night might've taken place before Hammer & Fail, or perhaps a mishap might've taken place after Hammer & Fail when which Matt's room might've spontaneously become messy again.


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