In addition to his animations, Edd Gould also posted weekly comics on his DeviantArt page. These comics feature the usual gang of Edd, Matt, and Tom, as well as Tord until his departure. They feature jokes and usually puns. There have been plots spanning multiple comic strips in addition to single-plot comic strips. The one-hundredth comic was published on February 21, 2010. From Comic #165 to Comic #174, the comics were written and drawn by Katey "RED" Harding, who filled in for Edd during his battle with leukemia. Harding also drew the 185th comic, which was uploaded on her own DeviantArt account. There where many comics before the Eddsworld series of comics like its predecessor the Legacy of Edd and Tom or What’s on the Boy.

Following Edd's death in 2012, Thomas Ridgewell and Paul ter Voorde created twenty additional comics. Some of these comics were also created by Marc Lovallo, Ben Smallman, David Kalev-Roy, and others.

As of January 1, 2017, Matt Hargreaves has taken over as artist, with himself and Jamie Spicer-Lewis as the lead writers.

With the release of the new site on November 12th, 2020, the Eddsworld team has been starting to make comics again after a long hiatus. These comics begin at #258 with "Go Long" and more comics are planned to be added during the course of Eddsworld Beyond.

"The Best of the Worst #2", one of Edd’s older comics


The Eddsworld comics have been turned into books: Toaster Brains and Toaster Brains 2. The first and second book features extra content by Edd, such as exclusive drawings. The first can be bought on Lulu, and the second was a perk from the Eddsworld: Legacy campaign, after Tom left, there is news of Toaster Brains 2 going up for sale for the Public.


asdfmovie5 features a direct reference to the 'Random' comic, where Edd and Tom become duck-billed. This was used as a tribute to Edd, as it was made shortly after his death. This comic can also be featured in Tom's book, Art is Dead.

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