Casting Call is a short released on November 26, 2020. This is the second short of Eddsworld Beyond.


After the events of Fan Service 2, Tom, Edd, Matt, and Matt Hargreaves hold casting auditions in search of voice actors for Edd and Tom. The first to audition, Jamie Spicer-Lewis, says he is auditioning for Matt. Matt Hargreaves steps in, and asks Matt why he is trying to replace him. Matt says it's because he and the others don't like him or his face. Matt Hargreaves then quits and leaves the recording studio.

Next to audition is Christopher Bingham, who auditions for the role of Tom, however he is turned down. He then says he is auditioning for Matt, but Matt blows him off again. He then says he's auditioning for Edd, but leaves before reading any lines.

Next, it cuts to Rob Denbleykar, covered in blood, auditioning for Edd. When told to go, he says "Matt Sucks". Then, Matt tells him that's all they needed to hear. Once he leaves, Matt questions Edd on why he was covered in blood, and police sirens can be heard in the background. It jumps to George Gould saying he is auditioning for Edd. Matt asks him if he is related to Edd; he replies saying that he is Edd's brother. Matt says that he got the role, and asks Edd if he is OK with it. Edd, now being voiced by George, responds with "Yeah, whatever".

Dave McElfatrick then auditions for Tom. While he auditions, Matt asks him to try to speak with less of an Irish accent. He tries again, but Matt repeats that they cannot understand what Dave is trying to say. Matt then has security take him out.

Next to audition is Brock Baker, who reads for Eduardo. Eduardo's theme begins to play, but is interrupted by Chris O'Neill, the original voice actor for Eduardo, kicking the door down. The two voice actors go back and forth saying they are "numero uno". The scene then changes to Jonti Picking, who is auditioning for anything available. He points to his wife, then proceeds to yell at her for speaking. Edd looks to Matt and says that he's "the badgers guy!". He begins to read Green Eggs and Ham, but is interrupted by Matt. His wife says that he is an actor, and Jonti yells at her again. He then storms out with his wife after Matt asks him to sing some of his songs.

Matt asks who's next, and to his surprise, the zombie-like animators are in the recording booth. They say in unison that they would like to audition. Matt tries to get them out, but realizes that if the animators are in the booth, then who's animating? It then cuts to the cockpit of a plane, with the steering wheels spinning out of control and a siren beeping in the background. The animation reverts to a simplistic style reminiscent of early Eddsworld (complete with Tom's original single-line eye) due to the animators not animating. Once the next scene begins, the animation is back to normal.

Next to audition is "Not Matt", who looks exactly like Matt Hargreaves but with a fake moustache, glasses, and a name tag that says "Not Matt". He doesn't announce who he's auditioning for, but he begins quoting Matt's catchphrase "Not the face" over and over. Matt asks him to have more energy, to which he complies. Suddenly, the door to the recording booth bursts open, and the real Matt Hargreaves appears, asking who Not Matt is is. Matt tells him that Not Matt is auditioning for the role of Matt, leading to Matt Hargreaves exclaiming that Not Matt is clearly him in disguise. He proves this by ripping off Not Matt's moustache, but quickly becomes confused at the nonsensical thing he just did. Matt, Tom and Edd begin clapping in awe at his performance, with the rest of the auditionees joining in. Matt Hargreaves notices Not Matt in the applauding crowd, and descends further into confusion.

The door to the studio opens again, and Ell, Tamara, and Matilda appear, angrily claiming that they have the studio booked. The end credits begin to play.

In the mid-credits scene, Christopher Diewald is auditioning with Romeo and Juliet, when he stops and sneezes loudly, leaving mucus on the microphone and himself. Matt sighs and informs him that since he's the only German person they know, he can be Edd for the German dubs. His brother, Helmut pops in to ask if he can be on the show as well. Defeated, Edd says sure. Diwi and Helmut start crying and hugging each other, further covering themselves in mucus. Matt and Edd look disgusted, and the credits continue to play.


  • In the first shot of the Eddsworld building, the window that Matt jumped out of in Fan Service 2 is now covered up with wood planks.
  • The "CAST AUDITIONƧ" sign on the door is identical to the one seen in MovieMakers.
    • Tomee Bear can be seen on a water cooler next to the door.
    • To the left of the door there are notes saying "WASH YOUR HANDS!" "HALLOWEEN: CANCELLED" and "XMAS: TBC". This could be hinting at an potential upcoming Christmas Eddisode.
  • In the recording booth, there are several Eddsworld posters framed on the walls. These posters from left to right are the Hammer and Fail, WTFuture, and Zanta Claws posters.
  • While Edd is doodling in his sketchbook, there are drawings of Bendee, Tomee Bear, Tom's old design, James from Jon Lopez's series Michael and James, and Fluffy John from Mike Picone's series Dogs Without Leashes.
  • While Dave McElfatrick auditions, there's more posters seen in the recording studio. The posters from left to right are the Zanta Claws, Eddsworld logo, and MovieMakers posters.
  • When the animation switches to simplistic due to the animators leaving their office, they are drawn similarly to their classic designs, most notably Tom, who has a line for an eye.
  • The zombie animators are caricatures of (from left to right) Mike Picone, David Kalev-Roy, Collin Bogert, Pippin Kelly, and Vincent Vintdoo.
  • The studio seen 2:07 is similar to the original Eddsworld Studios design.
  • Christopher and Helmut Diewald asking to be in Eddsworld is a reference to an old video by Diwi made in response to Tord Larsson's departure from the show.
  • Tom does not speak in this Eddisode, because he didn't have a voice actor when the Eddisode was in production.


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