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Brainimated is an animation created by Edd Gould and uploaded to Newgrounds on September 7th, 2006, while the YouTube version was uploaded on December 6th 2006.


Brainimated is an animation created by Edd Gould which pays tribute to the Peter Jackson film Braindead (known as Dead Alive in America). The animation begins with a head sliding on the floor and it suddenly screams as it gets hit with a frying pan and splatters the word "Brainimated" on the screen. The next scene shows the two main protagonists of the film; Lionel and Paquita as well as the antagonist, Vera (Lionel's mum who gets turned into a zombie in the film). At around thirty-five seconds into the animation, the scene changes and lists off all of the other characters who were turned into zombies (Nurse McTavish, Father McCrudder and Void) The scene then changes to show Lionel pushing a baby stroller. Inside the baby stroller is the character Baby Selwyn. The scene then changes again to introduce the character Les (Lionel's uncle and Paquita's harasser) whom is chasing Selwyn. Lionel can then be seen trying to run away from a group of zombies, but he isn't making any progress as he is running in a puddle of blood on a slippery surface. After a couple of seconds, Lionel slips and a head is sliding on the ground until Lionel steps on it. Lionel says "Party's over!" and then kills a zombie with a lawnmower. The Brainimated logo can be seen and the words "Brainimated" are whispered.

Behind the Scenes

  • Before hitting play on the Newgrounds release (or pausing really quickly on the YouTube release), there is some text that says "A short animated tribute to Peter Jackson's cult classic, 'Braindead' (or Dead Alive). The beginning of the animation shows a head being whacked by a frying pan which does follow the film. However, the arm is Lionel's and not Paquita's. The music from 0:00 to 0:34 was a tune made solely for the film, entitled "Braindead Main Theme". Peter Jackson is credited in "Special thanks".
  • The music from 0:35 onwards is entitled "The Curse" which is a sped-up song released on

Version differences

In the .swf version, if the cursor is put over the replay button; Father McCrudder will say "I kick arse for the lord!". The sound clip is taken from a part of the film where Father McCrudder takes on a bunch of zombies, only to get impaled by a tombstone with a finger.