Bill and Frank are one-time characters in Edd's video Staring Contest. They seem to be American due to their accents. Bill looks slightly like Edd, while Frank slightly resembles Matt.


Bill and Frank appeared in "Staring Contest". They have a peculiar staring contest where their eyes eventually glow and turn into lasers which zap the flesh off of each other's heads. After the laser fight, Frank's face has been reduced to a skull, and Bill has no head.

Here's their conversation:

Frank: Hey Bill!

Bill: Hey Frank!

Frank: Staring contest! Go! Buiereireireireireir...





(short pause)

Bill: Yaaay! I wi... (Bill's head explodes)

(Eddsworld Logo appears on the screen)

Frank: My head hurts.

(The words "Heads Explode" appear on the screen)

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