Bendee 8 is an animation by Edd Gould. Microsoft Sam is used as a voice for the Pizza Guy.


(Bendee appears in a Legend of Zelda-esque title screen before falling into a dark pit. The title credits play.)
(Bendee is frantically playing a video game on his console when the doorbell rings. [Background Text: "when your good, YOUR ME"] He angrily puts down the controller, but his anger turns into happiness when he realizes it's just the pizza delivery man. [Background Text: "The Legend of Cheese: the Windblower", "Viewtiful Fred", "Super Mash Potato Brothers", "Knuckles Advance 2 Battle"] Bendee chomps down on the pizza when the phone suddenly rings. An irritated Bendee picks it up.)
Bendee: What!?
Caller: Is this Bendee Stick?
Bendee: Yes, why do you ask?
Caller: We need your help! In a time long forgotten, in a vast kingdom, an evil source rose up from the ground to rule the...
Bendee: Get to the point!
Caller: Okay, okay! Princess Zarah has been kidnapped! she was taken to the other side of the Demmerwhale hills! We need you to rescue her and slay the evil creature that holds her.
Bendee: I shall retrieve her from the Beast!
Caller: Very good, But before you leave... you must retrieve a sword... that can slay all... what was it?... Erm oh yeah! EVIL!!!
(Bendee frantically searches for the sword as a distorted picture of Matt can be seen hung up on Bendee's wall. Bendee finds the sword and a penny.)
Bendee: Here it is! Oooh, a penny!
(Bendee drives his motorcycle to where the princess is being held captive. Bendee arrives at the castle and slays the guard. Bendee reaches the top of the castle)
Bendee: No... It can't be... Oh my God, NO!!!
(Bendee finds that the pizza delivery man was the one who kidnapped the princess.)
Bendee: The pizza guy?! why would you do this?!
Pizza Guy: I was sick and tired of delivering pizza for a mere seven quid! So I discovered that, once I bring the princess to the top of this tower, I will receive a vast treasure! And there's no weapon that can harm my magical exterior!
Bendee: Well I won't let you get away with this!
(The animation ends.)

Music Used

  • The Legend of Zelda: Triforce of the Gods (Kamigami no Toraifōsu)/A Link to the Past - "Opening Logo/Title Theme"
  • The Beach Boys - "Wipe Out"
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown (sped up)
  • Unknown
  • Blur - "Parklife"
  • The Legend of Zelda: Mujura's Mask (Mujura no Kamen)/Majora's Mask - "Mujura/Majora Theme"
  • Unknown
  • The Legend of Zelda: Mujura's Mask (Mujura no Kamen)/Majora's Mask - "Mujura/Majora Theme"

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