Bendee 7 is an animation by Edd Gould. It was uploaded to Newgrounds on January 16, 2004 at 3:03PM EST. It centers around Bendee running from a bounty hunter (voiced by Thomas Ridgewell[1]) and stopping Dr. Decapi (voiced by Alex Farmer). The announcer for the fake advertisement at the end of the animation is George Gould, Edd's brother.


The Bounty Hunter

(Bendee wakes up. Elsewhere, a bounty hunter, sent by Dr. Decapi to kill Bendee, leaves a train)
(Bendee gets a carton of milk while the bounty hunter watches him from the window. Bendee looks around for him when he notices his shadow, and the hunter suddenly appears in front of him. The hunter attacks using the hook on his hand, then pulls out a sword. Bendee runs and the hunter runs into a pair of crates. Bendee shines a light on the bounty hunter)
Bendee: Who are you?
Bounty Hunter: That... is not important...
Bendee: Then what is...?
Bounty Hunter: Your DEATH!
(The mysterious man strikes, only for Bendee to dodge and grab a gun. After dodging bullets, the mysterious man destroys the gun)
Bounty Hunter: You're not even worth that 2000 [Spoken: You aren't even worth that 2000.]
Bendee: What?!
Bounty Hunter: That's the price that Dr. Decapi wants you dead
Bendee: Again? Aww man... I'll be right back...
(Bendee rushes off to defeat Dr. Decapi, where he announces his plans to rule the beverage world with freshly-squeezed kitten juice)
Dr. Decapi: Mwah-ha-hah-hah-hah-ha! Now I shall rule the beverage world, with my new... freshly-squeezed kitten juice!
(Bendee shows up in the nick of time)
Dr. Decapi: [GASP!] Bendee! Either he escaped my hired bounty hunter's clutches... or he's planning to steal my freshly-squeezed kitten juice!
(Bendee throws a grenade at Dr. Decapi, sending him flying sky-high)
Dr. Decapi: Blast! Looks like I'm blasting off again...!
(An advertisement for Hero Juice plays during the credits, with George Gould as the voice of the salesman.)
All new Hero Juice! This is from fresh-squeezed Kitten Juice in a CAN! Buy yours today! (Text can be seen throughout the advertisement: "HERO JUICE!", "mmm...", "fresh", "CALL 555-YUM", and "please think of the kittens". Dr. Decapi appears one final time)
Dr. Decapi: Blast!
(The end of the animation has text that reads "all your base are belong to EDD!" in the bottom right corner)

Music used

  • Echo and the Bunnymen - "People are Strange" (originally by The Doors)
  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy - "One-Winged-Angel"
  • James Q. "Spider" Rich and Boots Randolph - "Yakety Sax"
  • Unknown
  • Rage Against the Machine - "Sleep Now in the Fire"
  • Unknown
  • Buckwheat Boyz - "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"





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