Bendee 4 is an animation created by Edd Gould. It was uploaded to Newgrounds on September 8, 2003 at 11:18AM EDT. Alex Farmer provided the voice of the Ku Klux Klan leader.


Bendee dropkicks the KKK Leader

(The KKK Leader is about to execute a stickman when he feels something is off.)
KKK Leader: WAIT! I feel an evil soul among us...
(The leader moves his finger around and then points at a disguised Bendee.)
KKK Leader: YOU!
(Bendee reveals himself and kicks the leader)
(Bendee shoots some KKK members and sets other members on fire. He later pulls out a grenade to toss at another.)
KKK member: Oh my God! AGHH!
(The scene transitions to Bendee waking up and eating breakfast, only to be kidnapped later.)
(Bendee wakes up in an interrogation room, tied to a chair. He narrows his eyes as a mysterious figure approaches.)
Mysterious Figure: Bendee Stick, where were you between the hours of eleven and twelve PM?
(A flashback in the form of an old silent film plays, titled "Bendee Sticks Night-out". Bendee is shown walking.)
Text card: i will go visit the ku klux klan!
(Bendee is then seen wearing his disguise.)
Text card: what a cunning disguise!
(Bendee's exposure is recalled.)
Text card: YOU!
(Random letters and numbers appear: B, E, N, D, E, R, 0, 3, X, 6, 2, and 0, and the flashback ends)
Mysterious Figure: Well?
(Bendee breaks out of the chair and kills the mysterious figure. He turns and spots Dr. Decapi.)
Dr. Decapi: Crap!
(Dr. Decapi drops his flashlight and tries to run away, but Bendee catches up and kicks him through the wall.)
(The credits roll.)

Music used

  • de apres ski hut - "The A-Team" (Party Remix)
  • Victoria Gould - "The Great Entertainer" [ORIGINAL SONG]
  • Papa Roach - "Last Resort"
  • Cow and Chicken - "End Credits Theme"

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