Bendee: The Game is a game on Newgrounds created by Edd in 2003. It is about the government telling Bendee to kill a blue stick figure with three watches named Ticky. This is a mouse-only game.


1. Tell the government that you will kill Ticky.
2. Go up the stairs.
3. Push the sniper off the roof and steal his gun.
4. Go down the stairs.
5. Click on the bomb. Bendee will shoot it.
6. Enter the office building.
7. Click on the air vent.
8. Take the pistol.
9. Enter the elevator.
10. Enter the middle door.
11. Climb out the window.
12. Shoot Ticky.
To get the "awesome ending", you must do the same but save Ticky, shoot the car and quickly shoot the white figure/the boss (possibly) in the head.

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