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Bendee's Second Birthday is an animation by Edd Gould that was uploaded to Newgrounds on November 7, 2004 and later to DeviantArt on November 8, 2004.


After a mishap Bendee who’s trying to gets to his birthday gets lost in the forest. Bendee sees a present which he thinks is for him but it’s actually a trap made by Dr. Decapi who traps Bendee in a box. As Dr. Decapi is trying to impersonate Bendee one of Bendees friends walks in on him seeing Bendee in a cage they defeat Dr. Decapi and Bendee has a good birthday.

Music used

  • Unknown Artist - "Happy Birthday"
  • Unknown Artist - "The Great Entertainer"
  • Donkey Kong - "25m Level Intro"
  • Unknown Artist - "Mr. Sandman" (originally by The Chordettes)
  • Unknown
  • Ev1lCl0wn - "Evil Clown Theme Song"

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