Behind the Scenes of Eddsworld is an animation made by Edd Gould. It is a mockumentary that focuses on the lives of Edd, Tom, and Tord at the Eddsworld Studios.


The episode begins with an introduction to a documentary about the three main stars of Eddsworld (at the time): Edd ("Head of Eddsworld"), Tom ("Head Camera-Man"), and Tord ("Comic/Hentai Artist"). The question is then asked if life behind the scenes is as easy as people believe it is.

Tom is being interviewed about his decision to join Eddsworld, as he feels it's something that makes him think of what things would be like if he hadn't joined the group, though he doesn't regret joining. He then begins to talk about his alcohol problem, a problem that had him kicked out of production of The Dudette Next Door (which he claims was only a big hit because of "that crappy lesbian plug"). Edd held an intervention, and had Tom put in rehab for several months.

Tord is then being interviewed about tension in the group. He then continues to talk about his past conflicts with Tom up to that point, and admits that he just looks back and laughs. Tord is then asked about his hentai addiction, but he denies the idea of it being an addiction (he just "likes it a lot"). He admits that he would watch it every hour of every day, but started cutting back.

Finally, Edd is interviewed about how much Eddsworld has changed since it was first established. He talks about how it first started out with just him on his computer, but soon turned into "a bit more than that". Edd admits that it can be quite hard running a website like Eddsworld, as there can be problems with the crew and handling all the work. However, they always have time to relax, like pulling practical jokes and having "Funny Shirt Day" on every Friday.


  • Tom's alcoholism would be shown in future episodes, such as the Zombeh Attack series, Zanta Claws 3 and Space Face.


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