Balloon Head Fred is an animated short made by Edd. It features two lovers having a conversation.


An unnamed woman and and a man with a balloon for his head called Fred (Balloon Head Fred) are dating in a restaurant. The woman tells Fred that the date has been amazing so far. She tells him how he was not like other guys by not having an "inflated ego" and not being full of "hot air". She praises his ability to always have a smile on his face and how light he was on his feet. She then frowns and tells Fred some bad news - she's pregnant. Fred's smile turns upside down and he starts to float away. She begs Fred not to go, but stops when Fred ends up getting stuck on the ceiling. She then asks a waiter if she could have a ladder.

Nine months later, Fred and the woman are at a hospital. The woman is in labor while Fred is watching, wearing a hat and smoking a cigar while having a concerned look on his face. The doctor pulls out the baby, which turns out to be a small balloon giraffe. The woman is now referred to by the doctor as Mrs. Head - this could show that they have gotten married since the baby was found out (Head comes from the cartoon's name - Balloon Head Fred).



  • The pair are seen again, along with their balloon giraffe child, in Date Night.
  • Balloon Head Fred is seen as one of the balloons in PowerEdd, and his female counterpart is seen in Mirror Mirror.

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