Atlantisians are the inhabitants of the underwater city Atlantis, they are blue skined humanoids with gills on their neck, black eyes and no hair. They make an appearance in 25ft Under the Seat when the group visit Atlantis to retrieve the keys to their fridge.

Notable Individuals

The chief of police

The Chief of Police

The Chief of Police presented the picture of Edd, Matt and Tom stealing the keys to the King, whose accent he finds hard to understand. He has two sharpened bottom teeth. The chief controls all of the police in Atlantis and has an extreme hatr

The Executioner

ed towards the idiotic cop, Frank.

The Executioner

The executioner is the atlantisian who sentences the group to death by Oxygen for stealing the keys from the museum and releasing the sea monster upon Atlantis. He dresses in a black hoodie with a black mask

Frank, the stupid cop


Frank is an idiotic cop who was part of the squad that was searching for Edd, Matt and Tom when they stole the exhibit from the museum. He is fooled by the group's

The tour guide, Simon

disguises and then mistakes a big rock for Edd, Matt and Tom, so he arrests it.


Simon is a tour guide who works in the museum of wonders from above in Atlantis. He guides the tour which Edd, Matt and Tom tag along with and shows the group the new exhibit which they believe is used to clear one's ears or other orifices, although it is actually Matt's keys.

The King of Atlantis

The King of Atlantis

The King of Atlantis is an Atlantisian with bushy grey eyebrows and moustache who speaks in mumbles, the chief of police finds him hard to understand.

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