Arin Hanson (aka Egoraptor)

Arin Hanson (better known by his Youtube alias Egoraptor) is an online animator known for making video game cartoons. He also co-stars with Danny Sexbang (formerly Jon Jafari) on the popular online "Let's Play" series Game Grumps.

Relations with Eddsworld

Hanson has appeared as a voice actor in Life in Portal: Madness as himself and WTFuture as Super-guy.

He was also one of the many who mourned Edd after his death[1], and he was one of the 6 to 7 animators who were intended to work on part two of Space Face before the project was handed over to Paul ter Voorde.

Hanson, along with his Game Grumps co-star Dan Avidan, makes a cameo in a photo in the background of Trick or Threat. Moreover, this episode's animator, Brandon Turner, is known for making Game Grumps Animated videos.


  1. "Thanks for the laughs Edd. Your cartoons will live on even if you're not here. RIP Edd Gould." (2012)

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