Almeratron was one of Edd's last non-Eddsworld animations. It was posted on June 7th, 2010 on the BBC Comedy website.


In this episode, an angry customer (voiced by David Mitchell), complains to the customer service care representative of Cars and Such (voiced by Robert Webb), about the new car he got six weeks ago, called the Almeratron. As a car, he says it works fine, but he is clearly disappointed by the fact that it never transformed into a robot while he had it. He explains that he was feeding it and he was clearly in danger when two strangers shot at his car, leaving bullet holes in the side of the Almeratron.

The Store Clerk says that the robot isn't supposed to show off, and that she (apparently) saw that he would survive and therefore didn't transform. He retaliates by driving off the cliff the store is on, hoping that the Almeratron will transform and use her parachute to save his life. She fails, and both the angry customer and the Almeratron die, much to the clerk's, and all of the other car robots', sorrow. "Shame".


  • The two strangers that shot at the Almeratron were actually Edd and Tom.
  • This video was made for the BBC Comedy Channel.
  • This was the second video that was requested to be made for a company, the first being Climate Change.
  • The angry customer slightly resembles Edd in real life.


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