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ASDFLand was first shown in the Eddisode Fun Dead. It is a reference to Tomska's ASDFMovie series. Edd, Tom and Matt go to ASDFLand, only to find that it has been overrun by Zombehs. Later, they rename the park "Fun Dead", giving the Eddisode its name. After being turned into "Fun Dead", Zombehs become the main attraction.


  • In the beginning scene with Paul, Patryck, Tord and Pvt. Brains, blue boots similar to those worn by Dom and Paul in the opening of Space Face can be seen.
  • When Edd and Tom are running the amusement park, there are several complaints. They read as follows:
    • "I waited a whole year for this? - Every Youtuber"
    • "I don't like the style."
    • "Edd's voice sounds different."
    • "WHERE'S TORD?"
    • "When is the next episode coming out?"
    • "You're just trying to make money."
    • "It's not the same."
  • Zombies are being held underneath the park, and are being fed the people who complain about the attractions.


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