1RandomFatDude, real name Lucas, is a youtuber from America who posted a series of videos on Youtube asking 5 often random questions to a famous youtuber. He has asked many questions to the members of the Eddsworld and Cakebomb crew and also made a two part entry for the Eddsworld competetion but failed to get into the top 11. He thought up the username 1randomfatdude all by himself when he was sitting by his computer one day because as he puts it "I don't know if you've noticed but i am one random fat dude." and he finds the story quite amusing.

He has posted videos asking 5 questions to Edd, Tom, Matt, Tord (Despite the fact Tord is no longer on Youtube), Bing, Abi, Hellucard (Although he asked him 10) and Diwi. He also posts responses to many of Tom's videos.

Edd made an animated response to his questions and posted it on youtube, and also gave 1randomfatdude a short cameo as an Eddsworld character in response to when he asked if Edd wanted to put him in one of his flash films. But he hasn't been seen in another Eddsworld episode since.

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